Welcome to Alamadi Alameen for Animal feed and Poultry

Our Mission

Al-amadi Al-ameen's goal is to be the leading poultry company in the Iraqi market based on quality and benefit. This is practiced by using the highest quality materials and the most modern management and technologically advanced systems. Aiming to achieve, firstly, the ultimate benefit for the client, and secondly, the common benefit between the Company and the customer.

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Our Principles

Strong Morals: In dealing with everyone, whether they are customers, employees, suppliers, the society and the environment, as well as in producing goods.

Diversification: In providing services and products to satisfy customers’ needs and requirements.

Spirit: In working and dealing with others. We give

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Our Vision

Customers: Offering our enduring commitment to provide top service in parallel with the highest quality products in order to maintain a prosperous relationship.

Employees: Aiming to be a home away from home to each and every employee, whilst keeping a strong internal bond and encouraging them to

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Our most important business fields:

  • Feed Making & Importing & Importing
  • Hatching Eggs
  • Production of the Hatching Eggs
  • Production of the table eggs
  • Screening and Seeds Filtering
  • Warehouses

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Iraq – Duhok, Sumail


Tel: +964-750 445 7502

Tel: +964-750 755 5111